Advice on Buying and Selling Property


Do I need any Conveyancing Advice before entering into a Contract for sale? Yes definitely!

There are many things going on during the sale and buying process that it is quite often overlooked to get Conveyancing Advice.

At Daws Conveyancing we can offer pre-contract advice and advise what really needs to be in a contract.

There are certain conditions which need to be placed into a contract that a Seller or Buyer do not think of or sometimes misunderstand that the contract allows for it.

Don’t be the person who falls into the pitfalls of a contract because they didn’t think to get Conveyancing advice.

Residential & Rural Settlements

Buying or Selling a property is very exciting!

Although in reality it can be quite a stressful experience keeping up with time frames and when conditions in the contract need to be completed.

At Daws Conveyancing we offer peace of mind to our clients by delivering a Trusted, Reliable and Confidential process to ensure the settlement is completed in a timely manner.

sub dividing land

Private Sale Contracts

The house in human hands

A Contract of Sale can be prepared when you have found a buyer and don’t need a real estate agent to sell a property for you.

At Daws Conveyancing we can prepare all the paperwork required to complete the sale of your property.

We will issue all the necessary documentation to you as the seller and the buyer including the Form 1 Statement (cooling off rights) required under Section 7 of the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994.

Family and Matrimonial Transfers

Property can be transferred as part of a marriage or de facto relationship whether as a result of a new relationship or dissolution of an existing one.

At Daws Conveyancing we will liaise with your banks and also advise you of your options. If the transfer is part of a dissolution of a relationship we can refer you to a lawyer to have agreements or court orders prepared.

There are numerous stamp duty exemptions available if the correct processes are followed.


Change of Name on Title

house 6

There are circumstances where a change in the name on the Certificate of Title may be required. You may need it changed due to marriage or a death in the family.

At Daws Conveyancing we can liaise with the bank to have the Certificate of Title changed into the correct name.

Caveats and Private Mortgages

A caveat is a warning on the Certificate of Title letting the buyer beware of a dealing on the Certificate of Title.

When someone lends money to another person without a bank being involved they have a private mortgage. At Daws Conveyancing we can prepare a private mortgage on your behalf and secure your interest by way of Caveat. This way if the person sells the property you are paid as part of the settlement.

There are many circumstances where a caveat can be lodged.


Land Division


Are you looking to sub-divide your land?

At Daws Conveyancing we will work together with your Surveyor to assist you through the Land/Community Division process to complete the sub-division.

We will prepare the Application for Land Division on your behalf, attend to the creation or extinguishment of easements and arranging consent from your bank to the land division.

Title Insurance

Did you know that almost 29% of Australian residences have illegal structures?
Do you want protection from Unapproved Structures, Incorrect Boundaries, Property Fraudsters and more?

There are often complex, legal and title based problems that may not be apparent from the Statutory Searches provided by the government departments.

At Daws Conveyancing we can discuss with you your insurance needs to protect you in the future.